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Library Services


Reference Collection Service:Materials in the Reference Collection may be read only in the reading area near this collection.

New Acquisitions Service:Accession List, listing recently acquired materials is issued periodically to library users.

Inter-Library Loan Service:Inter-Library loan is a service that assists readers to obtain photocopies of journal articles, and other materials, which are not held by the Library. Materials from UDSM Library, MUCE library and other institutions may be borrowed using this facility.

Readers Service: Users are allowed to use library collections during official hours for reading.

Loans of Materials: Loans are available for books on open access.

Special Reserve Materials: This service is extremely valued by the users because it makes core reading materials available to a wider section of the students.

Photocopying Service:The Library operates a photocopying service. Students are charged a subsidized rate.

Newspaper Facility Service:Only current issues (Tanzanian daily/weekly newspapers) are available here. Internet Service: Users can search electronic databases, journals etc via internet



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