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A list of dissertations for the year 2013

Dear ALL,

I am very pleased to inform you that DUCE  library acquired various dissertations for the year 2013. For access, please contact “Special Reserve”, First floor, room no. 7 . Please Go to Theses and Dissertations


Head ICT – DUCE Library

Geofrey F. Kalumuna



  1. Godson Robert Mtallo says:

    Thanks for the updates. Please, would you let me know if there is a possibility to include my MA dissertation in your list? Consider that I dont belong to DUCE community, I did my work at the university of Dodoma in 2013. Is there any room for this?

  2. ducelibrary says:

    Thanks, Godson Robert Mtallo. In order to add someone in the list, one need to submit a physical dissertation in our library. In other words, the list of dissertations appeared in this platform are physically available in the library to give our users access.

  3. Godson Robert Mtallo says:

    Thank you so much for a reply. I am looking forward to submit my dissertation.

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