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An Overview of DUCE Library

DUCE Library was established in September 2005, following the establishment of the Dar es Salaam University College of Education (DUCE). It is a Learning Resource Center which provides a diverse university community with the information resources and services fundamental to learning, teaching, consultancy and the general pursuit of knowledge. The mission of the library is to satisfy information needs of our user community through developing a relevant collection of information resources in all formats, i.e. Physical and Electronic Resources. Generally, the library is charged with the responsibility of providing information services needed by the teaching staff and students at Dar es Salaam University College of Education. 

As per the current organization structure, the library is under the Deputy Principal (Academic).


Currently, DUCE Library has four sections each being under the head of section. Below are the sections within the College Library and their roles: 


This section promotes the welfare of DUCE Library users. Among others, it makes sure that users’ information needs are met through proper shelf management, reference services, circulation of information resources, user guidance on how to use available library resources and implementing library rules and regulation. In addition the section maintains different library users statistics; facilitate inter-library lending service, Stocktaking, library collection evaluation and marketing of our information services and products.


The technical Section deals with Selection and Acquisition, Classification and Cataloguing of library information resources. Again, it is involved in library collection development management and planning; weeding of library information resources; preserving and conserving library information materials by offering the technical support services such as books repair, binding of copies of newspapers and official gazettes.


The main function of this section is to maintain the DUCE library Computer Network and coordinate Internet services. It also develops reviews and implements library ICTs policy and guidelines in order to ensure related use and application of ICT facilities in the library. In addition, the section administers the library’s Online Public Access Catalogue, Bibliographical data entry into the library system. It is also responsible for selection, acquisition and installation of library software and hardware. Furthermore, ICT section maintains library website, blog and other library web based pages available on social networks.


This section does the following: preparing technical proposals for training and funding in the area of information management, designing and maintaining the library newsletter, books and other documents review, conducting research in the area of library use, organizing various training for library staff and users such as Information Literacy, customer care, editing and reviewing library documents.


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